Milk tea is becoming popular nowadays especially to the younger ones. Wherever you go, you can see the kids getting fun, drinking their favorite milk teas with their friends, together and their fav snacks. Also, now, there are many shops and cafes that deliver the best milk teas in town and one of which is the boba tea Houston.

Because of this, finding the best flavor that can suit your tastebuds can be difficult. There are varieties of flavors, sizes, and options you have, and all of these make you paralyzed!

There are two milk tea drinkers in the world. The first ones are those who see some milk tea menu and get super excited upon seeing all the possibilities and options they have for their milk tea. The second, are those that cannot think of any because they are bombarded with a lot of options. If you belong in either of the categories, then you badly need some guidance on how to choose the perfect milk tea for you.

1.Have your preferred tea – before you embark on trying to find the best milk tea, you first need to identify your favorite tea that will suit your tastebuds. Black tea would be an ideal bet for you if you want to have a full-bodied flavor of the tea. You can also have some choices like Assam, Earl Grey, and Alisan. There are even roasted variants of tea that you may enjoy as a base for your milk tea. These flavors and tea commonly have some coffee taste or flavor in them. When you want to choose green tea, you need to know that there are variants of that you need to be aware of. There are flower teas, green teas, and matcha.

2.Choose your favorite milk to mix – there are different milk that you can choose from, depending on their availability at the cafe you are in. There is regular milk tea that typically uses that non-dairy milk or creamer. There are also changes that can be done when changing the composition of this milk. Another type of milk you can choose is the Hokkaido milk tea that has caramel notes and a creamier texture. Two other types of milk teas are the Hong Kong Milk tea and the Thai milk tea that uses condensed milk. If you are lactose-intolerant, you can also choose the Yakult milk tea that uses not milk but Yakult.

3.Choose the sweet mixture – this is something that is commonly decided by the customers. There is a lot of sweetness that can be mixed with your milk tea. You can have the brown sugar syrup, simple white sugar syrup, or some other cafe might also offer some real honey for your sweetener. Of course, you can add some flavored tapioca balls.

4.Decie for sinkers – sinkers include your tapioca balls, jellies, pudding, jelly, and others that your milk tea shop may provide.

When you now can identify each of your preferred or favorite ingredients, you can now mix them all together, and you will now have the best and ideal milk tea that is exclusive only for your taste buds.