It is difficult for termite control to completely handle it since the indicators of termite infestation usually go unnoticed till it is already too late. You can help prevent these nearly invisible termites from infesting your home by determining the signs that involve the existence of termites and knowing how their colonies start. Here are the following signs that might indicate that your property may have termites.  


Discarded and swarming wings 

Usually, termites would swarm a property over the spring season after it rains. Once your property is being swarmed, you might observe tiny, winged insects around your light fixtures. A lot of people confuse them with other insects like moths when they are actually termites. When the termites already swarmed, they usually lose their wings. Once you can see wings near your cobwebs or in windows, there is a possibility that the original swarm nests under or in your house. 

Mud tubes 

Some termites live underground—known as subterranean termites—and they need to get out to look for their source of food, which us your house. Termites need a particular temperature to thrive and mud tubes aid in keeping them dry and cool as they travel. These tubes could be located outside of your property where it links to the ground. Aside from that, these tubes could also be observed near entry points, like windows or doors. 

Hollow-sounding wood 

Since wood is the major food source of termites and it is almost impossible to see them since they are quite invisible, one of the easiest means of looking for termites would be to knock on wooden surfaces that must be solid. While termites eat through wooden floors, beams, or doors from the inside out, they can make hollow alleyways in the wood. Try to knock on the door, once you can hear a hollow sound rather than a solid one, you should perform a home pest inspection on other things in your home that you have like your support beams. Also, it is important to call a trusted company that offers superb pest control services.  

Peeling paint that looks like water damage 

While the termites transfer from their colony up to their source of food, they bring water with them as they create their new home. This can make a buildup of moisture below your wooden surfaces. Once the termites are infesting your walls made out of wood, which is painted, the moisture will eventually cause peeling or bubbles in the paint, similar to how a water leak or water damage would do.  

After reading all the signs, now should be the time to inspect around your house once a month and look for indicators of termites within your home or perform a termite inspection for home purchase. If you do this before this infestation gets worse, you can actually save money in the long run. If you believe that you have an infestation of termites in your property, then you should let the experts handle it. Contact Allied Pest Control right away!