You might feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of flavors if it is your first time drinking milk tea. Without a doubt, milk tea is now a trend.

If you do not know anything about milk tea, you should not worry. You are not alone. Even though milk tea is becoming one of the most popular beverages out there, a lot of people still don’t know a thing about them.

That’s why we are here. Before you search for “milk tea near me”, here are several things you should know about the most popular flavors for milk tea.

Matcha Milk Tea

The matcha flavor is perhaps one of the most well-known flavors for milk tea. If you try to visit your nearest coffee shop, chances are they also have this flavor for lattes and other forms of drinks. It’s an earthy-green and vibrant-looking drink that is a classic.

Typically, it is made from matcha powder that you can purchase in-store or online. Then, they’ll add a splash of honey, milk, or other sweeteners.

This flavor is the one you should pick if you want to taste a familiar flavor know by a lot of people. You will know if it is a high-quality matcha milk tea if the consistency and texture of the drink are full of depth and creamy.

Thai Milk Tea

This is one of the go-to favorite mike tea flavors. Thai milk tea is creamy and sweet. It has a delicious depth of flavor and silky texture. It is a lot better compared to a traditional black milk tea.

There are two methods you can use if you want to create your own Thai milk tea. You can make it from scratch or purchase a Thai milk tea powder mix online or in-store.

If you want to make it from scratch, you will require spices, ice in a cup, sweetened condensed milk, and black milk tea. The spices differ from one recipe to another. However, you usually need star anise, almond or vanilla extract, cinnamon stick, and tamarind powder.

Taro Milk Tea

Have you ever seen a milk tea with a purple color? Well, that one is called taro milk tea. It’s one of the best flavors available. It is refreshing, tasty, and creamy. This flavor of milk tea is usually made using taro root powder mix made for bubble tea and smoothies.

The taste of taro milk tea is not crazy if you are curious. However, it is quite addicting. A couple of individuals say it has more of a rich vanilla nut-like taste. It’s better compared to a regular vanilla latte or vanilla milkshake.

Black Milk Tea

This is the all-time classic flavor of milk tea. It is also the most well-known flavor for milk tea since it is the first flavor to be created. Since it’s an all-time class, it is safe to believe that it is extremely easy to make this beverage for yourself. All you need is sweetened condensed milk and black tea, such as Lipton black tea.